Assessing your property at the right price is the first key step to a successful transaction

Whether on-line or on-site, INNOVIMMO’s valuation are free and non-binding assessments.

On-line valuation: a first opinion on your property’s market value

Fast, easy and free, the on-line real estate valuation allows owners to get a bracketed estimate of their property. Our partner PriceHubble can offer you one the best on-line property valuation in less than 3 minutes :

On-site valuation: a detailed and free-of-charge valuation with feedback within 72 hours

An on-site valuation is more precise because it takes into account a greater amount of property’s characteristics and features (finishing quality, vis-à-vis, etc.). To book an on-site valuation, please fill the form below and we will get back to you promptly :

Selling your apartment or your house: discover our innovative real estate services only available in Geneva


1% broker fee

– On-site, free of charge and non-binding valuation
– Single interlocutor throughout the entire transaction process
– 20 years of experience in real estate transactions in Geneva